Called to Higher Service

The McAllen Heritage Center is pleased to present their exhibit in honor
and remembrance of McAllenites that have made a true difference in our
community and our Region. This exhibit, entitled: "Called to Higher
Service" will be a rotating exhibit that will be changed periodically to
include many on the long list of those that will be honored.

Our first exhibit covers the colorful and impactful life of McAllen's
Michael A. "Mike" Allen (pictured above) who succumbed to cancer in August, 2010. This
exhibit features many photographs of Mike's early life, family life and his
many career accomplishments. Many artifacts are included in the collection
which was made possible through the contributions of Mrs. Theresa Allen and
family, City Manager Mike R. Perez, Mrs. Susan Valverde, Mrs. Raquel Oliva,
Tony Aguirre and many other friends, relatives and colleagues.